The Seed Project


The Seed Project engages people all over the world plant to plant seeds creatively, creating individual art projects. The growth is then documented digitally. The digital images are compiled and placed together to form a
Virtual Field that will be seen both online and published. The components of the actual field exist in many separate places at once; sort of a diaspora of plants.

The plants can be grown freely in any configuration the planter chooses and the images can express the individuality of the grower as well. Planters are also free to choose to grow whatever seeds they choose. The three criteria are that the plants must be:

1 non-spreading,
2 non-invasive and
3 grown legally.

When a person participates by planting the seeds they become connected to a collective group of artists and activists. There are opportunities to meet potential collaborators and work creatively on other projects separate from The Seed Project. The seed becomes symbolic of these new collectives.