Artist's Edditions


David Cohen

David Cohen is thd editor of Artworld Digest Magazine, which he founded in 2006. This piece was originally graphite and pencil and then was converted to a print edition of 100.

Batman + Batman


Batman and Batman, comes from the desire to make work out of a fluid, nonhierarchical discourse. A dynamic collaboration or duo, if you will. Batman and Batman represents a level multiplicity where ideas can flow freely without inherent structure.

Christopher Reiger

Not only is Christopher Reiger a talented visual artist he also publishes a blog called the Hungry Hyaena.

Chris Teeter and Chris Booth

These images were specially created for the most recent issue of Artworld Digest Magazine, entitled, Power. Both Chris T and Chris B collaborative create each image. Chris T handles the background using 3-D modeling software and Chris B does the foreground characters.

The Seed Project

The Seed Project

The Seed Project is a global environmental installation where people are planting seeds around the world. You are encouraged to plant these seeds however you like.