The Seed Project is a global environmental installation where people from all over the world will plant seeds. Digital images of the plants will be emailed to Artworld Digest. The pictures will be published together to from a "virtual field" as part of the next issue of the magazine. Artworld Digest is providing Wheatgrass Seeds because they are easy to plant both indoors and outdoors and don't require a lot of light, however artists are allowed to plant what they would like and are given the freedom to plant the seeds how they want to.

Artists who participate will have access to a listserve where they can network, share resources, etc. with other artists. Artists will be encouraged to collaborate, form art groups and participate on future projects separate from the Seed Artist Group.

What is the deadline for signing up for the Seed

As an artist you are encouraged to sign up soon after you are invited. The deadline to submit an image of what you have planted is August 1st.

What is a Seed Meet-Up Event?
It is an Art Party designed for artists to meet. The event is
structured so everyone has a list of everyone else at the
event. The goal is to meet everyone else at the party to network and build relationships. These relationships can bloom into number of creative, personal, and professional relationships or even into a garden!

What seeds will I receive to plant?

We are supplying Wheatgrass seeds because they grow easily indoors and in low light. However, you can plant what you like in any configuration you like (just as long as you don't spread an invasive species or break the law). This includes planting of illegal plants or planting on public property. So if there is any doubt exercise the precautionary principle. Artists should use their own moral barometer on what they plant, but for legal reasons I can't include work that doesn't follow the rules stated above.

I am supplying Organic Hard Red Spring Wheatgrass seeds.

Be sure to document it with pictures and whatever else you like. When the plant is ready you can take a picture of it and email it to me. I will put it online with a link to a website that you choose. The images should be as large as possible but at least 1.4megs in size. You can email your picture at [email protected]

How do I make a payment?
We will email you a Paypal invoice for $10 that you can pay online even if you don't have a paypal account. We also accept Visa or Mastercard on our online store on our website,
Or send a money order or cashiers check to:

Artworld Digest
P.O. Box 320204
Brooklyn NY, 11232

When will I receive my seed from you?
Your seed and instructions will be sent to you within 3 days of payment without delay!

What is the final form of the project?

The images people email me will be printed in a grid
format or a more organic configuration as part of the
October issue of Artworld Digest Magazine and will be
documented online as well.

Where are the Seed Meet-Up events based?
Currently they will be held in the New York City area.

What if I live too far from a Seed Meet-Up event?

There is an email Listserve that everyone is encouraged to sign up with so that participants can communicate and network with other members of the project










To Register For the Seed Project: