LORD TOPH: 9 Questions


AWD:How long you have been an artist for?

LORD TOPH: Ever Since I can remember. Remembering when I became an artist is as vivid to me as remembering when I first began to walk

AWD:What does it mean to be an artist in today's world?

LORD TOPH: It means everything in the sense of self exploration, self expression and self worth. It means nothing if you need others to speak for you, or to define who you are as an individual.

AWD:Do you feel that you have personally dealt with boundaries and obstacles in order to expose your work and gain notoriety?

LORD TOPH: More than you know.

AWD:How so?

LORD TOPH: Having been raised in the south, dealing with and adapting to social pressure as well as racial prejudice. Not to mention cultural regression. These factors have been the catalyst to defy the odds

AWD:Do you think that it is important for an artist to be conscious of what is happening in today's art world?

LORD TOPH: Oh, absolutely. If an artist has the sight to become a success whether it be financially or simply as a means to gain recognition for his or her work, the artist should remain conscious that the world of art is a business, much like any other.

AWD:Do you feel artists eventually always find their style, or is it possible to search forever?

LORD TOPH: An artist does, but a painter or sculptor or one who simply makes pretty things may not. I say this because an artist's creativity becomes an exponential facet and or factor of their inner self.

AWD:You are an artist as well as a musician. Do you feel that that is an advantage in today's art world?

LORD TOPH: Not everyone can walk and chew gum. I just happen to be fortunate enough to do both. And to do both successfully.

AWD:Recently, you had an incident concerning art dealer Tod Volpe. What exactly happened?

LORD TOPH: He was contacted by a representative of mine in regards to promoting and further exposing my work. And after his first few correspondences with the representative, I suppose you could say his ethics and professionalism became rather unsavoury and absurd. His motives began to take a different direction after corresponding with my representative, which happens to be a very intelligent and attractive woman.

AWD:So why then, did you decide to contact and deal with him? Wouldn't that be a bad idea, considering his history?

LORD TOPH: It wasn't my intention to set or place judgement on Tod Volpe. Success and gain is about risks. One's man's mistake and poor judgement should not defame his character. After watching the movie, (Who the #$&% is Jackson Pollack), it was obvious to me that Volpe had some knowledge about the art world and how the moves are made and how the games are played. It just so happened that the move that he made was not beneficial or advantageous for either of us.