Artworld Digest Magazine mission is to promote and publish new and emerging artists as well as connect them to a global community of environmentally concerned citizens. First published in March of 2006, Artworld Digest is currently distributed in 400 stores around the United States, including The New Museum, PS1, and selected Barnes & Nobles around the country.  
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Seed, a curated printed exhibition, 2007: is a printed exhibition of 98 artists from around the world. is a survey of new contemporary artists which have primarily been sourced from online artist registries. It focuses on non-brand-name artists and seeks to engage as many new artists as possible regardless of their resume or educational backgrounds.

The Seed Issue also contains a global enviromental installation called the Seed Project, which is an ever expanding global environmental project, that connects artists by as single act of planting seeds. The ultimate goal is to create the world's largest art collective.



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